Tiny Dance 2 & 3 year old


 * AGES 2  & 3 years old 
* Six - Week Sessions offered Sept. - June 
This is a Dance Happy Class beginning with creative movement warm-ups, Pre-ballet, creative personality singing and movement with props. This class runs in 6-week sessions. A wonderful way to be introduced to dance. There is no recital with this class, just happy dancing.     

Ballet & Tap 3 - 5 year old


 *AGES 3 thru 5 years old  
* 45 minutes Class 
​Our Preschool program is designed to encourage a child’s natural movement and muscle development through music, creative songs, and dance. This class is a combination of both ballet and tap.
One number will be performed in the recital with this class.  This is a two - year program. Students will continue to learn and grow with this class to be ready  for our Kindergarten level. 

Hip Hop-Flip Flop 3 - 5 year old


* Starting at Age 3 thru 5 years old  
* 45 MINUTES Class

A 45 min class which will consist of Hip Hop style moves with age appropriate music for our younger dancers and light tumbling. One number is performed ​in the recital. 

Ballet/Tap Intro To Jazz  Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


*AGE K - 2nd grade 
*45 minutes  This class is for students entering Kindergarten - 2nd grade. This is a two year program. 

 Ballet, Tap, with the introductions to Pre -Jazz class. This class will include Ballet, Tap and introduction to Jazz. One dance will be performed in the recital with this class.
Students will continue to learn new steps and move up in their dance levels each year.

Lyrical/Tap/Jazz Class


* 45 - 60 minutes once a week.  For students entering 2nd grade – High School. Please see Fall dance for age groups and class times. Students are trained in the subjects Jazz, Lyrical & Tap. Jazz combinations and progressions across the floor with the Freedom of movement and expression taught with Lyrical.  This class will include Tap rhythms & progressions to add to this
great combo class.  Two dance routines are performed in the recital. Students are recommended to take a separate Ballet or Hip Hop Class to continue improving their technique.     



 *3rd Grade & up
* 60 Minutes
Ballet is recommended to all students. Starting in 3rd - 12th grade. A solid ballet class combined with your combo class makes for a winning combination. Ballet Class consists of Barre, stretching, adagio, petite and grade allegro. All students are taught the importance of proper technique including body placement, and alignment. 

Hip Hop


*Students entering 3rd Grade thru 12th  
*45 Minutes 

In the first introductory levels, the staple steps of hip hop are explored. A foundation is set and the funkier side of dance is introduced.  As the levels progress, different movements and styles
are explored as their age and ability increases. Age appropriate music is always selected for each level, keeping each class a fun and exciting environment for all.
​One dance number will be performed in the recital..

Jazz/Gym - Tumble Class


 ​* Students entering Kindergarten thru 9th grade  *45 Minutes
This class combines jazz dance and Acro/gymnastic basics (floor work). A great physical conditioning class. Acro helps build firm, strong limber bodies. This class
consists of warm-ups, stretch & strengthen exercises, basic floor skills, individual

​tricks and passes. An additional combo, hip hop or ballet class is recommended with 
this class. Students will be placed by grade and level. One dance routine will be performed in the recital.    

Hip Hip/Jazz Class


 Jazz - Hip Hop combo Class 

*45 minutes for grades 1st - 5th

 combines different styles and techniques. Our jazz portion teaches basic jazz dance technique, terminology and style. Our hip hop portion of class teaches rhythm, coordination, Musicality and choreography without suggestive music or movements. One dance routine is performed in the recital.   

Contemporary Dance Class


 Grade 5 & up, Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. One dance routine will be performed.  

Hip Hop - Flip Flop


 *45 min class 

Ages K-5th 

Class will consist of Hip Hop style moves with age appropriate music for our  dancers and light tumbling. One number is performed ​in the recital.  



Pointe class

 *Hour 1/2 - 2x per week

Students must be enrolled in a Ballet class that meets 2x per week and work up to the Pointe level. Students are required to take Ballet Throughout the regular season as well as summer classes to build strength.    

Students must be approved by teacher for Pointe shoes.